Zele: East-Flanders municipality between Scheldt and Durme.
Place where Annik grew up.
Where, in 1993, Annik and Patrick got married.
During the Whitsun weekend through the Ropa run, Annik ran this relay race from Paris to Rotterdam in 2018.


Bornem: Antwerp municipality located on the right bank of the river Scheldt.

Place where Patrick grew up.

Where, every year on the 2nd Friday of August, the Dodentocht starts; a 100km hike, 5x successfully done by Patrick, 2x by Annik.


Sint-Niklaas: city of East Flanders, capital of the Land of Waas. Largest market in Belgium, known for its annual balloon meeting.
Where Patrick and Annik bumped into each other.
Here our young family grew up for a few years, until 1995 with Thomas. For 26 years the workplace of Annik. Since his youth, Patrick has been active in the youth club.

Sint Pauwels

Sint-Pauwels: East-Flanders suburb of Sint-Gillis-Waas; situated between Sint-Niklaas and Stekene.
This is where Lore was born in 1998.
Together with our family, we have been part of the board that organises the wonderful street theatre festival “De Zapparade” for 14 years.
For 21 years we lived there in our little house on Zandstraat.

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