Our dining friends

For culinary suggestions, from a quick bite to an elaborate dinner: ask us about the possibilities…

Some recommendations in the neighbourhood:

  • Pizzeria Venezia: 200 metres away (uphill), delicious and traditional Italian
  • Au Fil de vos Envies: a stone’s throw away, new and trendy
  • Panoramic restaurant Belvedere: enjoy at your table with a beautiful view of the Meuse

A little further away:

  • L’Aquaplane (Profondeville): a cosy place on the banks of the Meuse, with a pleasant terrace in the summer months and a winter chalet during the Christmas period.
  • Le Val9 (Wépion): a nice place to relax with a drink or a pleasant dinner, with a view of passing boats and Dave’s castle on the other side.
  • Le Lodge (Wepion): Cosy terrace for an ice cream, pancake, beer or dinner.

But a little further on in Namur, a pleasant evening out is not to be sneezed at either, with the aperitif on a terrace, various cosy restaurants and a cocktail bar to finish with.



Room Zele - Au Monty

Room Zele

Room Bornem - Au Monty

Room Bornem

Room Sint-Niklaas - Au Monty

Room Sint-Niklaas

Room sint-pauwels - Au Monty

Room Sint Pauwels